Book Review: Do The Right Thing By David A. Duryea

Do The Right Thing
By David A. Duryea

We were sent a copy of Do the Right Thing in Business Improvement, Including Process and Technology written by David E. Duryea for the purpose of writing this review.

Do the Right Thing is not geared towards the casual reader. It is geared towards those business professionals who are tasked with making improvements to existing businesses.

Do the Right Thing reminds business improvement professionals that it is important that a business first understands what its core business is and, then, if improvements are really needed, to make improvements while keeping that core business in mind.

Too often we see new management come into a business with the change guns ablazing. These alleged professionals seek change for the sake of change and forget all about what made the business what it is.

We have seen this in Avon. Avon was once the best way for a woman with little start-up money to build a business. But, when the company restructured to become The New Avon LLC, they forgot all about what Avon has been all along.

Once customers could place an order for an Avon product and KNOW that in two weeks or less, she would have her product.  Now, Avon has added new products that were never part of its core group of products. A customer can now place an order for a product and not get it, EVER!

Do the Right Thing provides great advice for anyone who is in leadership of a company that is contemplating a merger, acquisition, or technology change.

We give Do the Right Thing all five stars on our scale of zero to five stars.  It is well-written, but we will not go so far as to say it is well proofread.  There are places in the book where the proofreader dropped the ball.  The overall quality of the writing and the great information provided make it easy to overlook that.

Do the Right Thing would make a great gift for anyone in business leadership.

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