Book Review: Fighting for Our Lives: My Battle With Cancer to Save My Baby and Myself By Heather Choate

Fighting for Our Lives: My Battle With Cancer to Save My Baby and Myself
By Heather Choate

Fighting for Our Lives: My Battle With Cancer to Save My Baby and Myself by Heather Choate is probably the most emotional book that I have read all year. It is an awesome testimony of the determination of a mother and the power of faith.

Life throws some very upsetting punches in Heather’s direction. Imagine being told that you have breast cancer at age 29…while you’re 10 weeks pregnant, with your 6th child.  Any one of these things can be overwhelming, but to have them all on you at one time – and thrive – takes one strong, determined woman, a devoted husband and family, and faith in a loving Heavenly Father. Heather is, and has, all of those.

Fighting for Our Lives brought me to tears on more than one occasion. There are smiles and even a giggle or two along the way. Though I have not been diagnosed with breast cancer, I could relate to Heather’s feelings on many occasions. It is an emotional story, but she has a positive attitude and her faith is evident throughout the book.

This book is written like one would write in a diary or journal. Some days are skipped along the way. Some days just have a line or two. Other days, Heather pours out her heart in words that engage your heart, leaving you wanting to reach through the pages and give her a hug, as you both bawl your eyes out.

Fighting for Our Lives is an inspiring story of faith and hope.  It is a story of being scared, but doing it anyway, because not doing it would mean the end of the story.

This book earns all 5 stars. I highly recommend it to anyone going through a tremendous test of faith, even if it isn’t cancer. You may cry an awful lot as you read it, but you won’t be sorry that you did. You may just find a revival of your own faith within the pages of Heather’s story.

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