Book Review: Am I Enough?: Embracing the Truth About Who You Are By Grace Valentine

Am I Enough?: Embracing the Truth About Who You Are By Grace Valentine

Am I Enough? by Grace Valentine is a book of encouragement for those of us feeling like we are never enough. Grace is a young, single woman and her book is primarily aimed at younger women. However, we older gals can learn a thing or two from this young lady.

Where Grace has been, we have been and maybe still are, feeling like we are not and can never be enough, as judged by the human eyes and hearts in this world.

Grace encourages us to see ourselves as Heavenly Father sees us, beautifully made in His image. He made us and He doesn’t make junk. We are each beautiful AND enough!

One thing that I learned while reading this book is that one doesn’t necessarily have to be happy to be joyful. I can be sad, but still have joy in knowing that He has this all covered, including whatever may be causing my sadness.

“Out of the mouths of babes,” as they say. Grace tells it like it is and gives us questions to ponder along the way. Am I Enough? Has been an eye-opener for me in a multitude of ways. We older ladies are supposed to teach the younger ladies, but I think that we also should be open to learning from them.

I give Am I Enough? 5 stars and hope that you will get as much from it as I did. I hope that you learn that you ARE enough, enough for Him, your Creator.

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